Tamra Logan
Principal + Lead Experience Designer

After my first child, then moving on to the second, I created and manufactured my own invented juvenile product (think I just wanted to get my hands dirty again). The product was successful but around-the-clock work. So after realizing quality of life was more important, I started Blooprint Media to get back to my roots. Since then I’ve gained tons of experience in WordPress, UI/UX design, project management and realizing that attitude plays a lot in your success.

Three kids and a high travel husband definitely keeps me running but I love it. Keeps me motivated and pushing for more. Relaxing at our home in Golden making a homemade dinner and sipping on a craft beer is a typical night for us. Running is my “go-to” to clear my head and re-energize but I also love skiing, hiking or just enjoying Colorado with the family and date or wine nights trying new restaurants in the Denver area.