Tamra Logan
Principal + Lead Experience Designer

Being creative has been my life since I first learned how to draw. After designing my first CD in commercial art in high school, I knew this was the path I was going to take.

Now after having experience in graphic design, web/UI design, and development, my path has led me to UI/UX design. Researching and finding solutions has always been my passion, it’s just now, the world is realizing why user experience is so important. We need to constantly think of the user and focus on what they are trying to get from your site or product. How can we give that user a good experience? Can we exceed their expectations?

My career started at eCollege here in the Denver area and from there moved on to Level 3 Communications, a few other local web companies working with clients like HP, Baby Einstein, and Agilent Technologies, and for even a short time, sold Yellow page ads (I come from a long line of successful sales family members). Later, I landed at Adperio (Memolink), a digital marketing company, where I was brought on as their first designer creating everything for their brand. From their first logo, to web banners, to their first website… You could say this trained me well for the term, “fast-paced environment”.

After my first child, then moving on to the second, I created and manufactured my own invented juvenile product (think I just wanted to get my hands dirty again). The product was successful but around-the-clock work. So after realizing quality of life was more important, I started Blooprint Media to get back to my roots. Since then I’ve gained tons of experience in WordPress, UI/UX design, project management and realizing that attitude plays a lot in your success.

Three kids and a high travel husband definitely keeps me running but I love it. Keeps me motivated and pushing for more. Relaxing at our home in Golden making a homemade dinner and sipping on a craft beer is a typical night for us. Running is my “go-to” to clear my head and re-energize but I also love skiing, hiking or just enjoying Colorado with the family and date or wine nights trying new restaurants in the Denver area.